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Are you looking for a mattress whose quality is unparalleled? Or are you simply looking for a mattress that will quench your thirst for comfortable sleep? Have your attempts to unearth that one unique mattress been sabotaged by some unscrupulous traders who introduce half-baked products to the market? In a world full of options, possibility of falling for the wrong product is near inevitable.

It is for this reason that I have flexed muscles and delved into the market to bring you reliable mattress reviews. I will attempt to unearth top 5 mattresses as per customer reviews and rating.
1. Beautyrest Edenton Luxury mattress:

Beautyrest Edenton Luxury mattress reviews

On top of my list is this mattress that has shot to the top of the market with its amazing features. Black in color, this mattress comes with innerspring technology and thick layers of foam which ensure ultimate support and comfort for the users. Coming in varying sizes, this mattress integrates the latest technology to ensure proper temperature regulation during sleep. It also ensures proper pressure handling when one is asleep. With a 4.6 star rating, it is a quality mattress.


  • Quite durable since it is made from quality material;
  • Ensures maximum comfort when one is asleep due to its numerous coils.


  • The price is relatively high although it is worth it for a product of its caliber;


  • The mattress felt great at first, but started sagging after only a year. For extremely heavyset, once you replaced the box springs then mattress fully supports you; or when one of couple gets up or rolls over the other does not notice.
  • O ordered it when I found this on Amazon with the price being half of the local stores. It is soft but yet still supports your weight. Love it.

2. Serta Icomfort Mattress:

Serta Icomfort mattress reviews

This memory foam mattress is yet another choice for customers. Known for its firm nature, this mattress takes foam technology to a whole new level with its amazing features. Offering cooling effects as one is asleep, you can be sure to enjoy your night on it. It comes with a thin layer of gel memory and regular foams which ensure ultimate comfort during sleep. Offering a longer trial time, you can be sure that this mattress is designed for long service. With its outstanding firmness, this mattress can resist compression for a very long time.


  • Quite firm and therefore offers ultimate comfort;
  • Has awesome pressure handling ability;
  • Longer trial period is offered.


  • With nothing much to complain about, perhaps the price is its only issue that has had customers talking.


  • When you lay down on it you are completely supported by it. The only drawback that there was a very minimal smell. I can’t say I’ve slept like a baby because truly I haven’t. Babies wake up every few hours with a load in their pants.
  • Now here I am a year later having to replace an almost $600 dollar mattress. My husband has back pain, and he swears it is better since we started sleeping on this mattress.

3. Sealy Posturepedic Mattress:

Sealy Posturepedic mattress reviews

This is yet another quality mattress that has had customers giving positive feedback about it. With 825 wrapped titanium coils, this mattress offers the best support for anyone who sleeps on it. And yes, these coils not only offer support, but also ensure that one is comfortable as they lie on the mattress.

It also includes a thin layer of memory foam as well as a regular foam which ensure that one enjoys ultimate support and pressure handling is maximum. If you are looking for a mattress that will offer you a chance to catch a good sleep without having to dig deep into your pockets, then this is your best bet.


  • Price is relatively low making it quite affordable;
  • Includes coils technology for optimum comfort.


  • I would say its better than my Sears bed. For the money and door-to-door delivery it was a great purchase. Very soft top, but firm underneath, so you don’t feel like you’re sinking into it.
  • The factory smell went away pretty quickly. I found it a little firm, but got a plush topper to solve that. So far I am happy with it especially for the price. I am a big guy and this think is the best for my body. I wish I could buy this for someone else.

4. Denver Doctor’s choice Mattress:

Denver Doctors choice mattress reviews

Denver doctor’s choice is yet another mattress from Denver Company that has proven quite outstanding. This mattress has gone a mile ahead and used even more coils than the rest for utmost support and comfort. It also includes encased coils which inhibit motion and thus giving maximum stability and firmness.

What’s more, the foams used in this mattress are of high quality and give maximum support. Providing firmness that guarantees durability, this mattress has managed to score a 4.6 out of possible 5 rating. This is a clear indication that it is a product you can rely on.


  • Price is quite affordable;
  • Offers enhanced support mechanism since it has well designed coils.


  • The only concern raised is the fact that it might not be suitable for continues use. It is best for periodic users.


  • I just couldn’t bring myself to spend thousands of dollars on a mattress that may not work. The mattress is priced very reasonably and the added pillow was a nice bonus but one pillow for a king sized mattress is not enough for two. I slept on the bed a few hours after opening. It’s very good quality and I would recommend it.
  • I would have to say very firm. And that’s a compliment. I always have restful sleep on this bed and I appreciated the free pillow as well. I would make this purchase again.

5. Signature Sleep contour mattress:

Signature Sleep contour mattress reviews

Last but not least is this mattress that has been on the rise in the recent days. Praised for its unique and outstanding coils, this mattress marks a welcome departure from the shortcomings associated with the other types. Its coils work independently to bring about the best weight distribution.


  • Awesome coil distribution for support.


  • Since it is bundled inside a duffel bag, it requires one to give it 24 hours to expand once opened.


  • No lasting factory odors, smooth and just the right amount of firm. Very comfortable, but the outer shell of the mattress is made of some really weak and flimsy material and it could be a problem.
  • I didn’t have that tussle with the chemical smell as anyone reviewed. Having slept on this bed for two weeks now I would have to say this bed performs above expectations. Probably the best mattress I’ve had so far.

In a jiffy, while there are numerous mattresses available in the market, believe those mentioned here will certainly please you. Try them out.

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